By the grace of Almighty Allah and the blessings of the Prophet(PBUH), Farabee Law College has been established in the year 2012, in order to standardize education under Islamic injunctions acquainted with the modern trends of education. The College has been named to the great scholar, philosopher & historian Hakeem Allama Abu-Nasr Muhammad Al-Farbee. His historical achievements in the feild of Knowledge are unlimited while his remarkable writings on the subject of law, political science, history and state-systems are Al-Qanoon, Al-Madina, Jamay-Al-Siasat, Ijtema-Al-Madina, Ara-Ahl-e-Madina-tul-Fazila motivated western scolars to call him the Muslim-e-Sani. The word Farabe reflects the aims and objectives of the great scholar which are as under Faith in Almight Allah and Rasool Allah(PBUH) to attain Ascent to the Best Education
Rana Imtiaz
Chairman Flc
Yous aspiration for doing LL.B is creditable. Certainly, the move will contribute a lot to the development and promotion of civil society. It is said that nations are mad not by the wealth but by men, and men are made by Education. Exactly this is what is going on in FLC in legal framework. The faculty of FLC believes that learning is a constant factor in life. This is why we seek to prepare our students to be life long learners and affective citizens in the role which management has envisioned for FLC. I, being principal of the institution, welcome you and assure you that you have chosen the right forum for the same. Certainlt, your thirst for legal knowledge will be satisfied here.
prof. Rashid Haider Khan
Al-Farabeewas known to the world as the'Second Master'(after Aristotle), and with good reason . It is unfortunate that his name has been overshadowed by later philosophers such as Ibn-e-Sina, for Al-Farabee was one of the world's great pholosophers and much more original than many of his Islamic successors. Not only a philosopher, logician and musician, he was also a major political scientist. Al-Farabee has left for us no autobiography and consequently, relatively a little is Known for certain about his life. His philosophical legacy,However! is large.In the arena of metaphysics, he has been designated the 'Father of Islamic Neo-Platonism', and while he was also saturated with Aristotelianism and certainly deploys the vecabulary of Aristotle, it is this Neo-Platonism dimension which dominates much of his corpus. This is apparent most of his work, Al-Madina Al-Fadila(The Victorious City) which, far from being a copy or a clone of plato's Republic, is imbued with the Neo-Platonism concept of God. Of course, Al-Madina Al-Fadila has undeniable Platonic elements but its theology, as opposed to its politics, places it outside the mainstream of pure Platonism
Abu Nasr Ibne Farukh Muhammad Al-Farebee
"Law is Nobel Profession and success is only attained to those who prserve, work hard, are determined and industrious, and above all have a natural aptitude for this work. This is a great profession and you owe an abligation to yourself, your people and the client who pays you. you are not there to squeeze money or bargain".
Muhammad Ali Jinah
"It is my firm conviction that he who critically reviews modern jurisprudence from the Qur'anic viewpoint, reconstructs it, and establishes the truth and eternality of Qur'anic laws, would be the real leader and pioneer of islamic renaissance snd the greatest benefactor of humanity at large. This is the time for action; for in my humble opinion, Islam today is a trial and never in the long range of islamic history was it faced with such a chellange as the one that besets it today".
Allama Muhammad Iqbal