College Building

Farabee Law College campus is located near DCO colony, Gujranwala Road, Hafizabad. The college is having auspicious class rooms, Offices, common rooms, an up-to-date and a rich library, equped with comfortable furniture and other apt facilities for staff and students.

College Library

The college posses a rich library containing a large number of law books, Journals of foreign and local courts and other books, efficiently managed by a librarian. Worth mentioning books for LLb ara available also in abundant quantity.

Computer Lab

The college has established a computer lab where not only computers are available in sufficient number for students but also search links and other guidance is available for in-depth study and research by teachers and students.

Law Moot / Mock Trials

Law Moot is specifically designed for conducting rehular and actual practical training for students.

Seminars and Special Lectures

The College is commit to cinduct seminars and special lectures by Renowned Law Professionals, Politicians, Rekigious Scholars, Judges of the Higher Courts, regularly.

Examination Preparation under Crash Program

                            Crash program comprising of comprehensive lectures are to be conducted before examinations, in addition to regular classes. Practice tests are also held to prepare students according to examination requirements of the university.

Co-Curricular Activities

Debating Society:

                                    The college has established a debating society to encourage the students for the promotion of their confidence and eloquence skills.

Study Tours:

                                        To enrich the knowledge and information study tours are also organized by the college time by time.