Rules & Regulations

You Shall!

You Will!

You Must!

1. No Student will be allowed to spoil the decorum of the class rooms.
2. Smoking within the college building is strictly prohibited.
3. Every student is required to attend at least 60% of total lectures deliverd during the academic session, without which no student will be allowed to appear in the examination under the University rules.
4. Principal may warn/cancel the name of any student from the Rolls of the college if any student fails to attend 50% of lectures delivered in month and has no satisfacory explaination.
5. A student who absents from classes without proper sanction for continuous period of 14 days shell be automatically withdraw from the college rolls.

6.  No student union will be allowed to form in the college.

7.  No notice of any kind or hand-bills will be distributed in the college premisis without the permission of the Principal/Dean.

8.  Political or any other unhealthy activities are strictly banned in the college.

9.  Students shall be bound by all such rules & directions as may be issued by the Principal/Dean concerning administration and discipline of the college.

10.  The college may increase dues according to university rules.

11.  Students shall not indulge in politics. If a student is found to have indulged in politics, he/she shall be expelled from the college without any notice.

12.  Students are expected to behave decently and in case of misbehavior or misconduct, he/she shall be ecpelled from the college without any notice.